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Unique Charter Options, just let us know what you’d like and we’ll get you going!

Charter availability

Please book your charter experience early as available slots can fill up quickly, especially around popular days such as weekends and holidays. Some tours are season specific such as whale watching. Gray whales are migrating past San Diego during the winter and Blue whales can be seen during the summer months. 

If you do have a last minute need for a charter boat – we will do our best to accommodate you.


We are fortunate here in San Diego to have great weather, allowing you to enjoy the ocean year round. After brief orientation we’ll head out into San Diego Bay and to begin your California Sun Charter. 

Our boat tours can be highly tailored to suit your interests

  • Free soda, water and light snacks
  • Bring your camera as there is bio-diverse wildlife (sea lions, birds,dolphins,etc.), the gorgeous scenery and many San Diego attractions.
  • You have the capability to charter the entire yacht, so only you and your group are on-board and everything is reserved in one easy step. This gives you a lot of flexibility in getting exactly what you desire easily.

About California Sun Yacht Charters Harbor Tours

At California Sun Yacht Charters, you are getting a personalized charter for your group that are as comfy as they are memorable.  We are available for a variety of charters and occasions such as San Diego sightseeing, whale watching, sunset charters, parties, surprise engagements and much more. Our personalized guided boat tours can explore San Diego Bay and the surrounding ocean and can be customized to fit your schedule and interests.

Enjoy the experience

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