Why worry about putting together a big adventure when you can simply book one of our chill yacht tours, instead?

Designed to let you relax, kick back, and spend quality time with your family and friends, our yacht tour packages accommodate up to six people and are the perfect way to create truly unforgettable memories. You don’t even have to worry about bringing your own food! Just add our picnic option and we’ll have it all prepared when you step aboard.

When you book a yacht tour with us, you get to choose from our six private boat tour packages:


We call this tour “Two Hour Treasures” because it’s one of the most refreshing and unforgettable experiences we offer. A great way to see the most beautiful sites in the San Diego bay, this two-hour cruise will take you along sites such as the Coronado Bridge, the Fish Market, San Diego’s downtown Skyline, North Island Air Station, Point Loma, Glorietta Bay, Midway, and more.

A great option for a private party or celebration, the Two-Hour Treasure tour is ideal for entertaining guests, celebrating an achievement, or taking some unforgettable photos. Book it at sunset, when the light is best for photos!


The San Diego Bay is home to some of the most diverse aquatic life in the world, including 292 species of invertebrates and 305 species of migratory and resident birds. Even whales pass close by the mouth of San Diego harbor during the migration season, which reaches its peak between January and March!

Here in San Diego, we’re perched right on the cusp of a rainforest of diversity, and the High Seas Wildlife Adventure is a great way to enjoy it. This cruise will take you through habitat that’s chock-full of San Diego’s special aquatic life. Lets go searching for dolphins playing in the waves or whales breaching on the horizon!

Ideal for sea lovers from all backgrounds, the High Seas Wildlife Adventure is one of our most popular packages.


Life can get hectic and, when it does, it often feels like there’s not enough time to simply kick back and play. Luckily, our Anchor and Play tour can change that. Perfect for some unforgettable family time, a cruise with friends or loved ones, or simply to cool off on a hot San Diego Day without fighting for space at the beach, our Anchor and Play tour is ideal for people who want to splash around in the water, enjoy some great music, and play on the hottest water accessories available.

During this tour, we’ll load everyone on the yacht and motor until we find the perfect spot. Once we do, we’ll drop anchor so you and your guests can chill, relax, nap, hang out, and play! Toss some tubes, paddle boards, and floaties in the water and catch some sun, and surf.

Head back tanned, relaxed, and salt-sprayed. It’s the perfect way to rejuvenate. Each tour includes up to four hours of relaxation!


Imagine yourself lounging on the bow of the yacht, a chilled glass of wine in hand, while the sun sets over Point Loma. Sound nice?

Few things are more unforgettable than a sunset cruise along the San Diego bay. The colors, the sights, and the sound of water lapping gently against the boat – it’s all the perfect recipe for an incredible evening.

On our Sunset Cruise, we’ll head out an hour before sunset and steam along the bay to grab a beautiful view of the sun setting over San Diego. We’ll also cruise along the Coronado Bay Bridge, which was built in 1969 at a cost of $50 million.

Today, it connects San Diego and Coronado and serves as one of San Diego’s most famous landmarks. It’s particularly beautiful at sunset, when the light accents its 2-mile length and 200-foot vertical clearance.

The perfect option for hosting a party or enjoying a romantic anniversary or special event, the Sunset Cruise is one tour you won’t want to forget your camera.

Spanish Galleon – Picnic Style

Looking for a way to channel the sophisticated, food-and-wine culture of Spain? Our Spanish Galleon cruise is the perfect option. Dedicated to the tastes and smells that make Spain one of the most unique places in the world, this cruise brings together food, wine, and scenery to create a truly unforgettable experience.

During this cruise, we’ll serve a selection of traditional Spanish Paella and Spanish red and white wines, so you and your guests can sip, dine and enjoy yourselves completely.

Customized Boat Tour

Have something special in mind? Customize a tour according to your specifications and create something truly unforgettable! We’re happy to work with you to create a yacht charter you’ll never forget. Come to us for your special events, celebrations, parties, and more! Here are a few examples of past custom charters we’ve completed:

  • Meditate and Zen. It’s no secret that water offers tranquility.  Come out for a morning or late afternoon tour and connect with the water and sun for tranquility and peace.
  • Photo-op Tours. What better place to take an enviable selfie than beautiful San Diego and its coastline? Snap a photo-op from the harbor or the hidden gems along the Bay.  These tours are also great ways to take photos of our beautiful waterways and city. After all, there’s no better perspective than from the water!
  • Memorial at Sea. Honor your loved one with a memorial at sea. Spreading a loved one’s ashes is a powerful moment, and California Sun will make your Memorial at Sea a memorable experience for all.
  • Mexico Adventure. Take in a one-day excursion to the Mexican Coronado Islands or multi-day adventure to Ensenada, Mexico.  Call for pricing.

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California Sun Yacht Charges $225 per hour with a 2 hour Minimum. Picnic options are available starting at $15 per person. Picnic options include sandwiches, water, sodas, salad and snacks.

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